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The Al-Quran and Contemporary Issues Journal is an international scientific journal which is verified and published by the Department of Tahfiz al-Quran and al-Qiraat, Faculty of Islamic Studies and Civilisation, Universiti Islam Selangor (UIS), Malaysia. This journal is dedicated to research on every aspect related to Journal al-Quran and al-Qiraat. Special attention is given to paperwork pertaining to history, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, law, literature, religion, philosophy, international relations, the environment and development, as well as ethical issues related to scientific research. This journal is committed to publish original research on the al-Quran as a guide to life. It welcomes interdisciplinary efforts that merge history, religion, politics, culture and law. The journal focuses on Islam and contemporary Islamic issues. Contributions that highlight theoretical strengths, especially those which combine the specificity of Islamic discourse with knowledge efforts and criticism in the Quranic fields can emerge in Qiraat: The Al-Quran and Contemporary Issues Journal as an application. All submitted articles could be in the Arabic, English or Malay languages.

e-ISSN  :  2636-9591 ISSN 2636-9591